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Season's Greetings !

2016 Seasons Greetings

Published on Wednesday, 07 December 2016 10:20

Visit Bellavista Franciacorta Winery


We are pleased to welcome you in Bellavista winery, Erbusco, from 8th to 11th December for a guided tour & wine tasting of the same wine protagonist to the gala dinner of the Prima at Teatro alla Scala in Milan.

Bellavista, even this season, strengthens the deep bond with Milan Opera House born out of great respect and honor to be partner and official wine representing the Italian wine excellence.

The Franciacorta Bellavista taster will be Satèn 2011 and Brut 2011 Opera House Selection with a gastronomic taste of delicatessen, cheese and homemade panettone.

The guided tours & tasting will provide booking to the following times:

10.00 | 11.30 | 14.30 | 16.30
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Linate – Bellavista Winery 35’



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Christmas & Spa in Merano



Christmas in Merano does not go unnoticed. With its markets, numerous hot springs, and the breathtaking Alpine panorama, the city enjoys a picturesque charm. The streets and town squares are full of Christmas concerts as well as lodges and inns that offer a high level of Italian-Austrian cuisine. Thanks to its geographical position, Merano is naturally protected and enjoys a very pleasant microclimate. It is no coincidence that in the past, it was a favorite destination for both royals and intellectuals to enjoy spa treatments and the pure air. Even today, Merano is one of the best destinations during the Christmas period as there continue to be many events and numerous attractions.

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Milano – Merano 65 minutes


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An unforgettable relaxing place

LAlbereta hall

How many times you happen to want to disappear for few hours and spend time just for yourselves?

Let’s move and discover a special place just far 30’ flight from Milan to live a wonderful relaxing experience.

The Albereta Resort is an evocative five-star hotel immersed in a large centuries-old park, where the art of hospitality means the ability to guarantee complete wellbeing and sublime sensory pleasure. With its 2000 sqm, it’s one of only two medical & wellness spas in Italy, with Henri Chenot method and a 30-strong team of highly qualified doctors, therapists, dieticians, osteopaths, beauticians.

Restore your body to its peak mental and physical condition and enjoy an evocative location that you will never forget.

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October in Via Montenapoleone


Wine, fashion, events, art. You will never be bored in Milan and like every year in October, the fashion&wine is the protagonist of Via Montenapoleone.

The Milan luxurious boutiques together with the Italian and International famous vineyards provide the perfect combination of elegant offerings Made in Italy luxury: wine and fashion. Vendemmia di Via Montenapoleone is in its the seventh year and the main event, scheduled for 6th of October, will be the Christie’s wine auction for Dynamo Camp, the first field of therapeutic recreation for children with serious illnesses.

During the evening, the boutiques of Via Montenapileone, Via Verri, Via Sant’Andrea, Via Santo Spirito, Via Borgospesso and Via Bagutta, will offer tasting by the glass accompanied by top sommeliers. Futhermore, for all the week, wine experience will be scheduled in the most luxurious restaurants and hotels of the Milan city center.

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WINE LOVERS Helicopter Tour, D'Amico winery


If you want to spend an extraordinary day during your Rome visit, we suggest you a wonderful daily excursion to Paolo e Noemia D’Amico Winery, in the heart of the Tuscia region, amongst the "Calanchi", nowadays a UNESCO protected area on the border between Tuscany, Lazio and Umbria.

Just few minutes of helicopter from Rome, the visit will show you how the idea was born from an Etruscan wine cellar, which already existed in the property and that currently has the same function.

The current wine cellar is divided into two areas: the most ancient, made out of local "Tufo" stone, with immense arches, where the wine rests in oak barrels to the sound of classical music; the most recent area, where the wine is bottled and labelled, surrounded by large columns that act as a library.

The owners will take care of you with a wine tasting and a traditional light lunch during the visit.

The Paolo & Noemia D’Amico is one of the most interesting winery of the area.

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Fly to Venice Film Festival


Let’s get ready to the oldest film festival in the world. The Venice Film Festival, founded in 1932,livens up the prestigious locations of Venice Lido, like Palazzo del Cinema and the former Palazzo del Casinò, by the best films selection and lots of expected guests. This year the event will start on 31st of August up to 10th of September and will be animated by several showings and cool parties.

Among the expected international movies “La La Land” by Damien Chazelle with Emma Stone and Ryan Goslin, the starring “The Light Between Oceans” by Derek Cianfrance,  the science fiction “Arrival” by Denis Villeneuve, and “Jackie” by Pablo Larraìn with Natalie Portman in the Jacqueline Kenned’s place. About our national masterpieces should be selected "Questi giorni" by Giuseppe Piccioni, the young people of "L’estate addosso" by Gabriele Muccino,  "Indivisibili" by Edoardo De Angelis, "Le ultime cose" by Irene Dionisio, and among those out of competition “Tommaso” by and with Kim Rossi Stuart.

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CHEF FOR A DAY Helicopter Tour, Casadonna Resort



Just 40’ minutes from Rome, a wonderful daily excursion to CASADONNA fascinating place to spend a fine cuisine course by the 3 starred Chef Niko Romito’s structure, set into the natural beauty of Abruzzi valleys.


The renovated XVI historical building with an essential and bright boutique Hotel, together with the 3 stars Reale Restaurant, overlook Abruzzi higher-altitude experimental vineyard and give you the magic feeling to be away from it all but at the center of the world.


Here art, history and the culture of the old place intervene with research, innovation and the future of Italian Cuisine.


You will never forget this experience.


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All about charters to Capri


Are you looking for an helicopter charter Capri? What about leaving Capri for a shopping day toward the amazing Italian Capital? Please visit to know all about helicopter connections to/from Capri, one of the 10 beautiful islands in the world.

You will be welcome by a double-crew in a silent cabin, on board of a luxury AgustaWestland A109S helicopter, VIP Configuration and twin-engine. Your travel will be exiting and comfortable and you can overfly the most beautiful Italian views.

Do you want to change destination? Ischia, Pompei, Positano, Ravello… Esperia can take you wherever you wish to go! 


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Discover our best HeliTours Top Selection


Are you ready to live the luxury in the most beautiful Italian locations?

Here are some selected ideas of private helicopter Tours, no longer than half an hour from Rome and Milan, to spend an unforgettable experience whatever is your wish to escape and in a luxury and comfortable way.

Excellent wineries, culture, breathtaking landscapes, nature and relax among thermal waters... come to discover our HeliTours Top Selection to spend an out of the ordinary day.


Helicopter Tours in Italy: