Esperia participates in the Vertipass Ambrosetti helicopter transportation study

Esperia was invited to participate in a study promoted by AgustaWestland and carried out by The European House-Ambrosetti Institute to find solutions for the development of helicopter transportation in Europe and in Italy. The study aims to find solutions that will help alleviate the current difficulties and strains on Italy's transportion system and significantly improve mobility within the country.


The research is focused on the specific characteristics of helicopters and vertical take off aircrafts, their technological maturity and new operating capacities. Thanks to the latest developments in modern navigation systems, helicopters can now take off and land in the most difficult weather conditions, guarantee the same safety and comfort of airliners, have a low environmental impact and require little on-ground infrastructures all to the advantage of highly populated – thus more difficult to reach - areas.
Through this study we want to demonstrate that helicopters now represent an alternative for the entire Italian transportation system to guarantee the country a suitable level of mobility and global competitiveness.