Esperia partners with New York based HeliFlite

Esperia Aviation, Italy's leading provider of helicopter transportation and charters, and HeliFlite,  a New York based helicopter transportation company which serves the North East corridor of the United States, have announced the signing of an important MoU for a future collaboration aimed at promoting best-in-class helicopter transportation and fleet management in both the United States and Italy.


Esperia and HeliFlite will share a common business strategy in the development of the helicopter services offering to serve a growing list of top tier clients. for the development of the helicopter sector and a collaborative approach to serving their clients. Throught innovative operating standards and industry recognized quality of service they serve as a model for other operators in the helicopter transportation sector. 

"We are delighted to partner with Esperia. It is exciting to find a premium helicopter provider in Italy who shares our passion for service and an unwavering commitment to safety," says Mr. Bruce Rogoff, CEO of HeliFlite a company that champions safety and is accustomed to providing tailor-made solutions for fulfilling the needs of all its clients. It was the first helicopter company to offer fractional ownership to frequent flyers.

We are delighted to have a partner with such a stellar reputation and industry experience as HeliFlite which shares our values and supports, through passion and determination, the development of the helicopter transportation sector. This gives us the opportunity to share their experience in operating in such a complex and evolved helicopter transport city like New York. Esperia, through its MoU with HeliFlite and with  its partnership with leading helicopter manufacturer AgustaWestland, has paved the way to make helicopters a key means of travel in Italy.