Heli Services

Confidence is high.

Trust Esperia to provide a higher caliber of solutions for the infrastructure and the personnel that sustain the superior helicopter experience.

Fleet management

Integrating your helicopters into the Esperia fleet offers a turnkey fleet management solution that affords many client advantages. We can take care of all technical and operational needs, offering best-in-class maintenance and managing all certification and regulatory issues, even planning your flights. Whether you choose this or our CAMO option (Esperia's technical service combined with your own flight planning), you still have access to your craft whenever you want, but you can also allow Esperia to use it as part of our fleet, earning additional revenue that can help lower your management and maintenance costs even further. Think of it as a higher level of financial efficiency. When your fleet's in Esperia's safe hands, the only decision you have to make is when and where you want to fly.

Pilot Training

At Esperia, we're proud of our rigorous pilot training program, and insist on the latest methods and certification. Accordingly, we have obtained the Approved Training Organization certificate IT.ATO.0051 and are approved by ENAC as a training center for helicopter pilots. 


Esperia offers short-and long-term hangar services for aircrafts and helicopters at our operating base in Rome's Urbe Airport. Our new state-of-the-art hangar is located right next to the taxiway for easier access and exit.

Infrastructure Development & Management

The Esperia success story is partly built on our integrated national network of heliports and helipads, and we want to help clients built their own part of it. Joining the Esperia network offers clients significant benefits: greater accessibility throughout Italy, as well as Esperia's operational and regulatory expertise to help you develop, upgrade and even manage your aeronautical infrastructure – from simple heliports and helipads to complex projects such as landing structures on large marine vessels.

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Our partner AgustaWestland operates a Service Station at Esperia's operating base in Rome's Urbe Airport in Rome, offering maintenance on:

  • A109S helicopters, line maintenance up to 200h per 12 months;
  • A109S helicopters, base maintenance up to 400h per 24 months;
  • AW119 helicopters, line maintenance up to 200h per 12 months;
  • AB412 helicopters, line manteinance up to 600h per 12 months.