Fleet and Safety

Our fleet is composed of powerful and spacious A109 Grand helicopters, equipped with the highest levels of performance and comfort and able to perform day and night flights even in special weather conditions. Cutting-edge technologies and thorough maintenance make the passenger compartment particularly comfortable for passengers, with significant reductions in noise both inside and out (in addition to low CO2 emissions to minimise environmental impact).

All Esperia helicopters have two engines and steering wheel with dual pilot to ensure the highest level of safety and efficiency under any flight conditions. The bases of Rome and Milan also mean we have a widespread coverage of the territory to meet any need of our customers.

Speed 150 knots (287 km / h)
Twin-engine – class 1 performance
VIP configuration
Extension of the luggage compartment 2.3 m. depth
“Super Silent” soundproofing

Leather seat covers Bose Super Silent interphone headsets Minibar Entertainment system

Our latest generation helicopters, crew training, control, auditing and in-house training programmes mean we are able to ensure flights in complete safety both day and night, even in conditions of low visibility and in the open sea.

All helicopters are constantly monitored by the Esperia operations room both during travel and during stops through a remote and on-site control system, as required by the Safety & Security Manual according to current legislation.

The helicopter has a limited luggage compartment. Consequently, it is advisable to travel with 1 piece of light luggage per passenger, standard size (56x45x25 cm – weight 10/12kg).  In order to guarantee that all your luggage is transported without the risk of some being left on the ground, please inform the Esperia team in good time about the number and size of your bags. We will find the best solution for your trip.