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Flight safety, quality of service and confidentiality are the primary objectives on which our mission is based: to provide our customers with a helicopter transport service based on high standards and maximum attention to every single detail, as well as a wide range of solutions in the aeronautical field.

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Florence-Porto Cervo

Porto Cervo is the most exclusive of seaside resorts, only 85 minutes from Florence thanks to Esperia. Take advantage of an extraordinary journey to an extraordinary destination.

The Esperia World

Technical management and maintenance services require operators which are able to guarantee maximum reliability. Esperia fully meets these requirements, with turnkey solutions for managing your aircraft in every single phase, both technical and operational. Thorough and certified maintenance, compliance with regulatory constraints, relations with aeronautical institutions, crew training and complete flight planning.

You will always find your aircraft efficient and available. The only thing you will have to think about is when to leave and where to go…

Esperia boasts a pilot training programme based on thorough attention to the method in order to guarantee the highest safety standards. It is precisely for this reason that we choose to rely on the professionalism of pilots hired on an ongoing basis and do not use seasonal personnel.
Thanks to the ATO (Approved Training Organization) certification, our pilots hold instructor and examiner qualifications and are qualified to train for the maintenance of the licence and flight certification with the AW109 model.

Excellent transport also depends on the network of helipads and heliports available in the area. Our goal is to accompany the client in the provision of such infrastructures with consultancy activities, possible management and possibility of integration of the infrastructure in our network of heli-surfaces – from simple heliports, to elevated helipads and complex helipad development projects on large boats.

Better accessibility to the territories, maximum security during operation and economic optimisation are just some of the benefits we can offer our customers.

The Nave – Helicopter interface represents one of our special skills that allows us to better respond to specific needs in the helicopter field, such as the possibility of landing on large ships equipped with suitable helidecks. The authorisations our resources, certified according to the most recent EASA regulations, have obtained (VFR DAY HOFO) and the experience gained in the military field meann we are able to respond to all flight needs at sea and to requests for helicopter hire to be available on mega-yachts for short and long periods.

Our Tours

Take a break from the hectic pace of the city with our selected tours! Whatever your desire for escape or your perfect environment, we will propose some of the most beautiful Italian destinations where you can spend an extraordinary relaxing day!

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