A wonderful daily excursion to Paolo e Noemia D’Amico Winery in the heart of the Tuscia region, amongst the “Calanchi”, nowadays a UNESCO protected area on the border between Tuscany, Lazio and Umbria.
The visit will show you how the idea was born from an Etruscan wine cellar, which already existed in the property and that currently has the same function.
The current wine cellar is divided into two areas: the most ancient, made out of local “Tufo” stone, with immense arches, where the wine rests in oak barrels to the sound of classical music; the most recent area, where the wine is bottled and labelled, surrounded by large columns that act as a library.
The Paolo & Noemia D’Amico is one of the most interesting winery of the area.

Agusta 109Grand helicopter transfer:
Twin engine – 6 seats – Double Pilot – VIP Configuration

Visit Cellar and Wine Tasting included

Flight time:
20 minutes each leg

Visit duration:



The prices shown are all inclusive, they refer to a standard flight configuration for passengers and baggage with twin-engine model A109S helicopters and may vary according to the number and weight of passengers, helicopter availability and any take-off and / or landing restrictions.

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