Enjoy a day winery tour to the wonderful vineyard of the Italian Franciacorta estate to touch by hand the famous grapes that give live at one of the most prestigious wine of the world. The early vineyards, of exceptional quality, still carpet the Bellavista hill, dubbed thus due to its magnificent position from the Po plain to Lake Iseo and to the Alps beyond.
Harvesting, pressing, tank fermentation, bottling and corking, remuage and dégorgement are all carried out by hand.
Bellavista vintages are a tribute to great traditional wines, a harmonious blend of excellence that starts with the vine and ends with a perfect taste.

Agusta 109Grand helicopter transfer:
Twin engine – 6 seats – Double Pilot – VIP Configuration

Visit & wine tasting included

Flight time:
15′ each leg

Visit duration:


The prices shown are all inclusive, they refer to a standard flight configuration for passengers and baggage with twin-engine model A109S helicopters and may vary according to the number and weight of passengers, helicopter availability and any take-off and / or landing restrictions.

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